AWARDS 2012/2013

Canskater of the year 
  • Destiny Martin

Canskate Champions

  •  Elaine Tao
  • Kayla Heiman

Most Improved Junior Academy

  • Tess Thompson

Most Artistic Junior Academy

  • Tess Thompson

Most Improved Intermediate

  • Raquel Thompson
  • Jakub Pesik

Most Artistic Intermediate

  • Aspen Sutherland
  • Emma Audet

Most Improved Stroking Intermediate

  • Emma Audet
  • Ella Burrows-Weber

Most Improved Senior

  • Melina Heck
  • Shaelyn Reimer

Most Decicated Senior

  • Taylor Savard

Most Artistic Senior

  • Kiara Collinge
  • Taylor Savard

Senior Stroking Award

  • Mike Loudon

Most Improved Special “O”

  • Kari Trott

Most Improved Stroking Special “O”

  • Colin Teichman
  • Lucas Bell

Special “O” Achievement Award

  • Annie Wilson

Program Assistant of the Year

  • Frances Wilson
  • Kelly White
  • Megan DeVries

Most Sportsman Like Skater (voted by Senior Skaters)

  • Kelly White
  • Shannon White

Presidents Award ( President’s Choice)

  • Lori Engstrom

Grad Award

  • Ariana Belix